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In today’s music industry, you see a lot of bands sending out the same old tweets and status updates to their followers each day. Applications such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed artists to become lazy when it comes to fan engagement. It worked for a while but the scene is changing, and doing so with haste. Social media is so saturated with these faceless posts that people are beginning to get tired this type of interaction. With the amount of posts each person sees from artists every day, it has become the norm for most of them to go relatively unnoticed. People rarely share these things anymore because, outside their absolute favourite artists, they have lost that certain emotional connection with the band. People are hungry for direct interaction and recognition from their favourite artists. Fan acquisition is becoming a lot harder for artists who do not regularly engage their followers. The truth is, a fan is your most efficient and effective marketing tool. Fans referring to friends will feel more organic to potential followers and will prove to be more successful.
Artists must now become more active in their social marketing campaigns and this can be a challenging task. Followers will have more motivation to spread and share your content when they know they will be recognized by you. Andy Pickens and Moses Sooyala, co-founders of Jamplify, have created a platform for artists to implement these types of campaigns; or “Jampaigns” as they are called. One campaign for pop singer Jasmine Villegas had 270 fans drive over 190,000 views to one of her YouTube videos. We recently spoke to CEO Andy Pickens about how Jamplify works, why it is important for artists and brands to use, and what is in it for the fans.

How does Jamplify work?

With Jamplify, you set up a digital street team and motivate your fans to spread the word about your newest content. In a “jampaign,” each fan gets their own unique referral link to share your content around, and Jamplify tracks how many people each fan drives in. You then reward your Top Promoters with whatever awesome stuff you can give.

How did it come about?

We noticed that artists and brands were trying to get their fans on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about them, but that they didn’t have the tools to motivate their fans to share. They also didn’t have tools to analyze the results of all that sharing and determine which fans were the best promoters. We’ve built Jamplify to solve those problems!

Who can launch a campaign?

Any artist or brand with an existing fanbase can use Jamplify to activate their fans as promoters. You only need a handful of people who love and support you to join your Jamplify team, but the more promoters you have, the more viral it all gets.


Go to and click “Launch your jampaign” to set it up. It takes 5 minutes, and the first month is free!

Why is it important that artists/brands reach out to their fans directly?

Artists understand better than anyone that your best marketers are your existing fans. They love you and talk about you to all their friends. It’s important that you engage your fans on social media so that you can spur that conversation and create a deeper relationship with them.

How can fans promote their favourite campaigns

On Jamplify, each fan gets their own unique referral link to share an artist/brand’s content. Jamplify tracks how many people each fan refers to check out that content. They can share anywhere they have reach, whether Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS… It’s great to see how the Top Promoters get very creative in the ways they drive exposure for the artists/brands they love.

What makes a campaign successful?

It’s all about the fans. The more engaged they are and the more an artist/brand engages fans around the jampaign, the more viral it gets. We see artists thanking promoters during the jampaign and that helps take things to a new level.

What are Scratchbacks and how do they work?

ScratchBacks are the rewards that an artist/brand gives to their Top Promoters. They’re a lot like rewards on crowdfunding sites; they’re unique to the artist/brand and for that reason, fans work hard as promoters to try to win them. We’ve seen everything from a calendar shoot with 50 Cent to 18 holes of golf with a country star as ScratchBacks!

What is Jamplify’s role in a campaign?

We help advise our clients on the best way to structure their jampaigns and on what kinds of ScratchBacks (rewards) will drive the best engagement. It’s very easy to set up a jampaign, but we’re happy to provide best practices based on previous jampaigns that have been successful. Once the jampaign goes live, we push it on our social channels as well!

What have been your favourite campaigns?

Our favorite jampaigns are the ones where fans really blow us away with their dedication to the artist/brand. Fans are incredibly effective marketers, and we often see an individual fan who drives over 10,000 people by herself. Each day we gain a new conception for what the limits of fan-driven promotion are.

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